A Dawn of New Hope

I can’t believe that I witnessed history being made during my lifetime. I am excited that we have a new President. I understand that he isn’t going to make all of us happy but I am excited for the hope he brings. After hearing him speak, I am impressed by how he weaves words together. As a writer myself, I can totally respect that! I hope that he is able to change things that need to be changed because change definetely needs to happen. I know many people are unhappy with Bush but I must, at least, thank him for the service he gave our country and Im just going to leave it at that. I am excited for this new day and this new era that rises today! Hopefully we will see wonderful changes during Obama’s term! As the poem was reading during the inauguration yesterday, I couldn’t help but think of the many people who work hard each day. One of the first images that popped into my head was that of my father, uncle, and grandparents working on the farm. I see their calloused well-worked hands and understand what it means for them to have hope in this era where family farms are almost extinct. Just a few thoughts on yesterday’s important day in history!