Moving on the Hottest Day of the Year! YUCK!

Todays been a crazy day. My dad headed to B town and then we loaded my U-Haul. We hit the road early evening and made it half way. Lets just say my car, the back of my dad’s pickup and the 4 X 8 trailer are packed as tight as they will go. Insanity! Im looking forward to getting settled in a new place but moving can be such a pain. And besides I must have picked the hottest day in the world to move. Well Im off to bed. Dad and I are going to get up early and finish the trip. I will let you know more once Im settled. Hope you are all staying cool! God bless!

Friday Five On a Hot Friday!

1. Share a moment/ time of real encouragement in your journey of faith–That was definetely when I went to seminary. My seminary friends encouraged me so much and helped me to realize my calling. Also during seminary, I struggled. One of my fave moments is when a professor told my candicacy committee, that it took a lot of guts to stick with it. He was like you know how easy it would have been for T to walk out the door, but she hasnt…she has stuck with it.

2. Do you have a current vision / dream for your work/ family/ministry? To start at my new call and to work together to create a strong family and youth program.

3.Money is no object and so you will…..Pay off my bills, start my own publishing company, help the camp I worked at for seven summers, visit some friends, etc

4. How do you see your way through the disappointments? What keeps you going? I usually cry. Im an emotional person and crying helps me. I also like to vent to my friends and family, write poetry, etc.

5. How important are your roots? Very…they have made me the person I am!

6. Bonus= what would you like to add ? Since Im moving and starting a new call, my question is what is your least fave thing about moving? and your fave thing about moving?


So for all of you that have been waiting, I finally can tell you the news. I’ve accepted a new call to serve in NW MN. Im really excited for this new opportunity. I cant even tell you how excited I am! So this week Im busy packing etc…so dont know when Ill be able to post again so if I go missing for awhile dont worry Ill be back. I took vacation last week and it was fabulous. I got to go to camp for the first half of the week and then the second half was at the Sonshine Music Festival. I helped a good friend chaperone. What a blast! Lets just say I got to see some of my fave Christian artists all in one spot. All I have to say is this—Jeremy Camp, Switchfoot, Skillet, Relient K, Kutless, Thousand Foot Krutch, TobyMac, Newsboys, David Crowder Band, Peter Eide and others!

Fast Friday Five

1. Wearing-Im wearing my yellow flip-flops, orange shorts, and multi-colored tank top

2. Reading-The Cloister Walk, Bound and Free by Douglas John Hall

3. Eating-I had an enchilada and rice for lunch

4. Doing-Checking email, then off to mail some baby gifts, then some errands

5. Pondering-About my new adventure and life


Im in the office all alone today. Its been quiet. The phone hasnt even rung. So thought Id post a new blog entry. Besides I dont really have anything else to do. Life is good. I’m going to take some vacation time next week. I just dont know what Im going to do. I would love to go visit some seminary friends but my car is not the most reliable. Maybe I just need to rent a car and go away somewhere. This weekend Im heading out to Super Awesome Bible Camp because they have their quilt auction. Im telling myself that I cannot buy anymore quilts but doesnt always seem to work. I usually end up coming back with at least one…LOL! So what is everyone else doing? Any big plans for the 4th? Any vacations planned? Well I suppose I should go do something productive but Im having more fun daydreaming about visiting friends etc. I miss you all so much!

Time for a Vacation!

You know its definetely time for a vacation. I was doing well but am starting to feel a little run down. Guess its just time for me to relax and catch my breath. I hope I am not coming down with something. I was feeling good but this afternoon started feeling nauseous, warm, headache etc. Im guessing that all my busyness with work etc is catching up with me. Good thing its a short week. I suppose Im going to have to check my temp when I get home. Hopefully no one else is feeling run down too!