11/11/11 Friday Five

Songbird at RevGalBlogPals writes, “It’s 11/11/11, a date you can read forwards and backwards, American-style and European-style. It’s Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day, which seems to be celebrated more someplace than others. The kids here are out of school and some communities have ceremonies of remembrance scheduled. My denomination (UCC) is finishing up a drive called Mission 1, which ran from 11.1.11 to 11.11.11. It’s a popular date for getting married, or so I’m told, just like other memorable dates (for instance 09/08/07). But mostly, it’s a big day for Nigel Tufnel, in celebration of “maximum elevenness. For today’s Friday Five, share five ways you or someone you know likes to turn it up to 11. How have you gone beyond the usual expected limits? Feel free to interpret this as eccentrically as possible.”

1. Books!!! I love to read and really had a hard time trying to find time to read. Then last Christmas I got a Kindle and I love it. I have read more books in the last year than I have in the last two-three years combined!

2. Babies! Now I dont mean this in a bad day. I just love babies and love when I get my baby fix. The more babies I get to hold—-the better—I would say most of this is due to my dream of being a mom someday!

3. Reality Tv! Ok I know that it is ridiculous but for some reason I love watching Reality TV—The Amazing Race, Big Brother, American Idol, the Sing-off, etc!

4. Nativity Scenes! I started a nativity scene collection several years ago and my family and friends have helped add to that collection. I love each of them for their uniqueness and beauty and the stories behind them but Im starting to think that it might be getting a little out of hand! Nope that could never happen!

5. Music/concerts- I dont go that often but when my fave musicians come to town, I love going to see them live. I love all sorts of music and love finding new music too!

One thought on “11/11/11 Friday Five

  1. oh! I love nativities, too! fun play. I grew up in ND, and still have much family there….
    hope you aren't near western ND, where the oil thing has ravaged community, imho. that's where all my fam, mostly is.
    fun play!

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