Sunday Blessings 49

(1) More baby snuggles

(2) Spending time in the ND Badlands

(3) Getting to spend some quality time with my friend TE

(4) A phone call from PMA!

(5) A nice warm house to keep me warm on this cool night

(6) A fun birthday card from my dear friend MW. Totally made me smile!

(7) Bailing a friend out of jail as he participated in the March of Dimes Jail and Bail

(8) A new Shutterfly photo book

(9) My colleague/office neighbor at church sharing a space heater with me.

(10) Making potato soup in the crockpot

(11) A friend asking my opinion about what version of the Bible I would recommend.

(12) Sissy calling and saying she wants to come up for the weekend.

(13) Texting with MW

(14) Chocolate mint Tutti Fruitti

(15) Spending the day with my sis; some Fall shopping, eating at Olive Garden, etc.

(16) An awesome Rally Sunday

(17) A fantastic PLN (post-Liturgical) nap

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