Finished Friday Five

1. Have you completed something? What was it, and how did you celebrate?
I would say graduating seminary was something that I am so proud to have completed. It was not an easy journey for me at all. I celebrated by finally graduating and celebrating it with friends and family.

2. Is there something you are waiting to begin?
A relationship…Someday I hope to begin to date my future husband.

3. Is there a project you keep putting off and why?
Hmmm not really.

4. What would be your dream project/job? Oh man….I have always dreamt of being an author.

5. Be creative, you are going to publish a book/ song/poem, what is its title?
Since I can remember, I always said that I would name my publishing company “Majestic Saviour Publishing.” The title of the book would depend on what type of book etc it was. If it was a collection of my poetry,I would probably call it,”Prayer to Poetry” or something like that. If it was my autobiography, I would probably call it…ok Im not sure…so Im going to have some fun here…Friends, if you were to help me name my book, what would you call it?

4 thoughts on “Finished Friday Five

  1. Book title suggestion (based on what I read in your blog bio): Previously Prairie

    I also loved the desire to begin to date your future husband. May it be so for you and for him!

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